Homework Clinic Policies and Procedures – Reminder

The purpose of homework clinic is to provide students with an opportunity to complete their homework with teachers present to help as needed. In order to maintain a safe and effective learning environment, the following guidelines have been created.

  • Snacks are to be eaten before students enter the Library Media Center hallway.
  • Food, drinks, and electronic devices are not allowed.
  • Computers may be used only for academic purposes.
  • Students must be accompanied by an adult to recover forgotten homework.


  • Please place backpacks in hallway against the window wall.
  • Retrieve homework and supplies from backpacks, and double check that you did not leave anything in your classroom or locker.
  • Sign in at the Circulation Desk when you arrive at Homework Clinic.


  • All students must stay at Homework Clinic until 4:00.
  • A parent or parent representative must come into  the Library Media Center (Homework Clinic) for a student to leave before 4:00.
  • All students must exit via the school’s front doors.