All Kindergarten and First Grade students will be dismissed at the front driveway/ carpool area at 3:00. We know both parents and children will be anxious to see each other! But to make this time of day safe for all we are asking your compliance for the following dismissal procedures:

*Please place your name placard on your dashboard and make it visible as your car approaches the flagpole area. While we K/1 teachers may come to recognize you and your car, there are MANY other adults that assist with carpool.

*All children will remain with their teacher and class on the sidewalk until escorted to their car or adult picking them up. Children will not be allowed to walk (or run) to you or your car once they see you.

*Carpool runs most efficiently when you pull all the way up to the car in front of you- even though you might be tempted to stop along driveway where your child is. We can load about 5 cars when everyone follows this procedure, safe and efficient!

*Whenever possible, please plan to load your child on the passenger side. This prevents adults and children from walking BETWEEN cars. THANK YOU!

*When the weather allows, we encourage parking and walking to pick up your child. Remember to set a good example by USING the SIDEWALK. Do NOT walk between cars.

Carpool is a NO CELL PHONE ZONE!

Remember to use Walnut as your pick-up route. You should not turn left from Ridge RD to enter the pick-up line. Right only!

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. Here’s to a year of safe and efficient dismissals!

Our top priority is SAFETY!

Pabby Hayes