Not Sure When or Where…We’ve Got it Covered!

You can access our school calendar by clicking on the “Calendar” link found on our main webpage at  When you access the calendar you will notice that in the upper right corner there are options to switch the view between “week”, “month” and “agenda.”  Be sure to try out the “agenda” view as it is the most popular and offers a less cluttered overview of upcoming events and student activities.

The school calendar can also be added to many mobile devices and personal computers as well.  If you would like to load school events onto your device, click the following link and follow any prompts:  Some devices make the addition without any prompts, but may require a restart of the device.  Once the calendar is added to your phone, calendar events that are added to the school website ( will automatically sync to your device. The first sync may take a few minutes.  We have noticed that occasionally mobile devices fail to detect updates to the calendar.  An occasional reboot of the device is generally the easiest way to resolve this issue.  We do want to alert users that loading the school calendar onto your phone will load multiple daily school events into your calendar.

We recommend if you use the mobile device calendar feature to set the school calendar to a different color on your device than your work or personal calendar in order that your personal appointments do not get overlooked.  Also, please note that your mobile device offers a feature which allows you to turn the school calendar off and on once it is loaded, which allows you to choose when you would like to view events.

If you have any questions or need assistance with accessing our school website or calendar information please contact Karen Steltenpohl at for assistance.