Don’t Forget to Register for Anchorage Retail Rewards Programs!


Please make sure you access and use the Anchorage Amazon webpage for all of your Amazon purchases.  You can use the Anchorage School portal by clicking the following link:  You can also access this Amazon link on the Anchorage School web site.  This link can be bookmarked and used for individual Amazon purchases, Amazon Prime, and all of your recurring purchases.  Please share this link with your work, friends, and family too.  Anchorage gets up to 8.5% of all purchases made through the portal – this is an easy way for us to fundraise without donating money or doing extra work!  All orders are confidential – we only receive a lump sum check from all purchases made through the portal.  Don’t forget to register your Kroger cards for Anchorage School rewards, too.  Kroger cards can be registered at  You get to keep your Kroger points but the school also gets a quarterly check for our combined purchases.  Please email Emilie Delehanty,, with any questions.