Instructional Materials/Supply Fee

Each year at orientation parents are charged an instructional supplies/materials fee which provides receipts to cover the cost of instructional materials used in the classrooms directly for and/or by students.  The receipts are used to purchase consumable items which include art supplies, supplemental books, student periodicals, science supplies and materials, consumable math manipulatives, etc.  The fee is $200 for the first child, $175 for the second child and $150 for all other children.

Parents are welcome to wait until orientation to make payment, however this year we are pleased to be able to offer an online payment option that parents can utilize to pay the fee in advance of orientation day. Those parents that would like to skip the payment line at orientation are invited to go to the following website and select the appropriate option(s):

Please, note that a 45¢ processing fee and 3.5% convenience fee is charged on all online debit and credit card transactions, and a 45¢ processing fee is charged on all online electronic check transactions.  Please be sure to include the name(s) of your children in order that we can accurately document your payment.