REACH Alert System

One way the Anchorage Independent Board of Education supports school/parent communication is through the purchase of an emergency parent-notification system.  The Board partners with the City of Anchorage and the Anchorage Police Department in using REACH Alert to communicate timely information with residents.

REACH Alert currently serves many other communities, businesses, and organizations in the state. You may have already created a REACH Alert account for the City of Anchorage, Anchorage School or other network.

  1. If you registered for Anchorage School REACH Alerts in a previous school year, no action is needed as you are already in our system and will continue to receive alerts.
  2. If you are already registered for REACH Alert through the City of Anchorage or any other organization, but have not registered to receive Anchorage School alerts, you can skip the registration process.  Just login to your current account and click on JOIN NETWORK on the right side of your dashboard page.  Enter Anchorage School and click on our name in the dropdown list and follow the prompts.
  3. If you are not registered to receive Anchorage School alerts we encourage you to sign up in order that you will receive important school emergency and weather related delay and closure information.
  • Go to and click on MY ACCOUNT and then select CREATE ACCOUNT to establish your initial account.
  • Follow the prompts.
  • When prompted for Network Name, enter Anchorage School and click on the school name when it appears in the dropdown list.
  • When prompted for a role select
  • Upon joining the school network you may also want to click on JOIN and select the City of Anchorage

If you opted to receive text alerts, REACH Alert will send a text message to your cell phone immediately upon completion of your registration.  Please enter the 4-digit number on the registration screen and then click the word VALIDATE.  If you do not receive this message, please call REACH Alert at (877) 307-9313.

After you have completed the registration process, you may add other phone numbers and email addresses.  From your dashboard page, click on the second tab at the top of the page – CONTACT INFO.  From this page you will see where you can add and delete numbers and addresses.

Once all families have had the opportunity to register, we will send a test message on September 5, 2017 around 4:00 p.m.  After that time the system will be used for emergency messages and reminders only, so please do not delay in registering.  REACH Alert is a Kentucky company located in Louisville.  If you have any difficulty registering, or believe you are registered and do not receive the test message on September 2nd, please contact REACH Alert at (877) 307-9313.  Their customer service teams will gladly assist you with any questions.


When will the system be used?

There are three basic scenarios:

  • Emergency – For example if there were a chemical leak, gas leak or lock-down, you would receive a message detailing the situation. Follow-up messages could be sent with more detailed information as the situation develops.
  • School Delay/Cancellation Notifications – Early dismissal, delayed arrival, and school cancellations due to weather.
  • Community News – Community related emergency announcements impacting Anchorage Public School.

How will I receive alerts?

When you register, you can choose to receive alerts via text message, phone call (cell or landline) and       e-mail. The system is so flexible that you may even choose different ways to receive different types of messages. You may also choose which type of alerts to receive.

What will it cost to receive messages?

The Anchorage Independent School District and the City of Anchorage are paying for this service. The only cost to parents is the charge from your cell phone carrier for the receipt of a text message or e-mail if you are not on an unlimited text and data plan.

Can anyone other than parents/guardians receive alerts?

Yes. The decision is yours. You may choose to have grandparents, non-custodial parents, or other caregivers also receive messages when you register.

My family does not use text messaging, e-mail or Internet.   Can we still receive emergency alerts?

Yes, you may receive alerts over a regular landline phone.

Is my family required to use the REACH Alert system to keep informed?

No, you will have traditional information sources such as radio and television available for closings and emergencies, and we will continue to send you our regular newsletters and email updates from school. Using this service is your choice and you may opt out at any time. Remember, it is designed primarily for instant communication directly to you; and, in the case of emergency, will provide you with information pertinent to a situation impacting your child at APS.

How do I contact REACH Alert customer service?

Call (877) 307-9313 and the REACH Alert Customer Service Team will be pleased to provide assistance and answer any questions you may have.