Compassion For Children With Differences

From the work of the ECE parent support group a sub group was formed to address a greater understanding and compassion for children with differences.

Beginning this week,  Library classes in grades 3-6 will be focusing on compassion. The topics that will be discussed are:

  • Respecting differences
  • Learning Style differences
  • Controlling our feelings
  • Accepting and embracing others

Each week students will bring home a letter containing information learned on the topic that week. The same letter will be added to the weekly waves on Thursdays.  Each letter will contain a link to the videos shared with your child during library time.  We welcome families to discuss the topics and view the videos with their children.

Compassion Project Week 1

This first lesson was designed to help our children recognize ways in which people are different, both in broad terms like ethnicity and culture, and in more specific terms like personality, strengths and abilities. We began to discuss the special challenges that some students may have including those that are easy to recognize, such as a child who uses a wheelchair, and those that may not be so easy to recognize such as dyslexia and autism. Through videos and discussion, we hope to instill a sense that differences should be respected. We discussed the concepts of empathy and compassion and stress that, despite our differences, we all matter and want to feel welcome and included. We hope that you will support our efforts by continuing the conversation with your children, answering questions they may have, and encouraging them to choose kindness.

Below are links to videos that you can review with you child.

“Respecting Differences” 

  “Empathy Can Change the World”

“What is Kindness?”

7th and 8th grade students will have the compassion sessions with Mrs. Bowman after KPREP testing.

Mrs. Wiles will discuss compassion topics with the K-2nd grades during guidance time.

If you have any questions please reach out to Kristy Clark at