Looking For Field Day Volunteers

Hard as it is to believe, another year is almost over and Field Day is right around the corner!  We have been working with the school to make this year’s event successful but now need to gather our volunteers.  If you can help out, the event is May 29th from ~9:30 – 2.  We have both a morning and afternoon shift for volunteers. Please use this link: www.SignUpGenius.com/go/10C054AAAAC2DA2FC1-field to sign up to volunteer!

The morning shift is from 9:30-12:00 and the afternoon is from 12:15-2:00.  We really only need 9 volunteers for each shift despite the number of spaces in the form.

If you have not volunteered for Field Day before, here is a quick summary of the day:

  • Field day is hosted by the school as well as the APTA.   Mrs. Kidwell has a series of stations/activities and the APTA has a carnival area in the carpool circle grass.
  • Volunteers help man the APTA carnival stations.  We will have at least one volunteer at each station as well as a floater/running to help with supplies.
  • This year’s stations will include: Snacks, Spirit Award, Healthy Anchors, Bounce House, Bean Bag Toss, and Bowling.
  • In addition to manning the stations, morning volunteers will help set up activities and afternoon volunteers will help take down
  • Upon arrival, you can sign up for your station and will receive instruction on what to do
  • The events are fast and furious – each group only gets 7 minutes at each station
  • We will keep track of time and blow a whistle when it is time for students to change stations
  • Teachers/assistants will help shepherd their classes throughout the day

If you have any questions – please don’t hesitate to ask!  Also, if you have an APTA or Anchorage t-shirt, please plan to wear it!

Thank you in advance for your help!

Markus & Rip