Requirements to Volunteer at Anchorage School

As required by law, any adult seeking to volunteer in the school, chaperone field trips, lead student groups in Jr. Great Books, Art Discovery, etc. must complete the volunteer approval process. The volunteer approval process includes a (1)criminal background check and a (2)central registry check as authorized by Kentucky State Law and Kentucky Administrative Regulations.

  • The Criminal Background Check is completed with the Youth Leader Request Form. This check is good for 3 years so we ask for a new completed form submission from all NEW parents and by parents with children in K, 3rd and 6th grades, or if yours has expired. under Youth Leader Request Form
  • Central Registry Check, child abuse and/or neglect check. (This is a new legal requirement in addition to the Criminal Background Check/Youth Leader Request Form mentioned above.) We are asking ALL parents that plan to be Volunteers for the school to complete this CRC process this year, then in subsequent years, we will just need it for ‘new’ parents. It is a 2-page CRC (Central Registry Check) form, that needs to be completed and returned to us for processing, (be sure to sign and date the back), WITH a copy of your Driver’s License (or SS card or Birth Certificate). under Cabinet for Health and Family Services Central Registry Check

Some completed forms were received at Orientation, but if you have not submitted both forms (with a copy of your identification), we have included the links above. Or you can just stop by the District Office to complete the forms and we will make a copy of your identification while you wait. We ask that these forms not be sent by email as SS#s are on them, but they can be dropped off at the district office, mailed or faxed. We love our volunteers and want to make this process as easy as possible to complete.  If you have any questions or need assistance please don’t hesitate to call Judy Link at 245-8927.

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