A Reminder to Buckle Up in Cars and Golf Carts

The safety of our students is our number one priority, every day.  In the interest of student safety the Anchorage Police have asked us to remind our parents that drivers and passengers of motor vehicles, including golf carts, must be wearing seatbelts.  If you transport your children to or from school on a golf cart, please remember that any person operating a golf cart on a public roadway under the provisions of Anchorage City Ordinance 10, Series 2010, is subject to all traffic regulations of KRS Chapter 189.

Please be sure your vehicle is not loaded beyond its legal passenger capacity and remind all passengers to buckle up before entering the roadway.  Officers are noticing an increasing number of students not buckled up, both in cars and golf carts, which compromises their safety.

We also ask all of our motorists to be attentive when driving and expect the unexpected.  We have many children that walk and bike to and from school each day.  Children run and play at times and can forget the pedestrian safety rules.  Together as a school community let’s make this a safe and fun year for our Anchors!