Strategic Planning Update

The Anchorage Independent Board of Education approved a new Strategic Plan for the School District during their September 2018 meeting.  The plan is focused around three areas of improvement:  Academic Excellence, Systems, and Social & Emotional Learning.  It also includes the Board approved Mission, Vision and Core Values for our School District.  A copy of the plan can be found at the following link:

Over the past few months, the Anchorage Independent School District has been engaging community members, parents, staff, and students in a process to develop strategies and activities for reaching the eleven goals that are included in our plan.  Each goal is measurable and includes a timeline for attainment.  Goals which have been identified as “priority goals” for the school district are the Safety and Social & Emotional Learning goals.   Semi-annually the Anchorage Independent School Board will review progress towards the goals, and annually the School District Leadership Team will make recommendations to the Board for any needed revision to the plan.  Our hope is to add goals to the plan each year as prior goals are achieved.

If you would like to follow the work of the committees, you can access their meeting reports at the following link:

As their work advances, new committee reports will be posted.  Upon individual committees finalizing their goal attainment action plans, committees will present proposed action plans to the School Council for feedback and to the School Board for consideration of approval.  Upon Board approval, the action plans will be posted on the website under the “Strategic Plan” link in order to keep our school community informed of improvement efforts underway.  In February, our Safety Committee will be presenting their proposed action plan to the School Council and School Board.  Other committee action plans will follow over the course of working towards reaching all of the goals included in our five-year plan.

If you have questions regarding the work please do not hesitate to reach out to Kelley Ransdell at or 502.245.8927.