Kroger Rewards – Register or Re-Link Now to Support the APTA

Kroger donates $3 million dollars each year to community organizations in the Louisville area.  The APTA receives funds each quarter based on your purchases, following registration.  Many of us shop at Kroger every week.  Why not donate money to the APTA while you do it?  Register now!  If you are already registered, remember that you must re-link your account each year!  Please take a few moments to check and make sure that you are signed up.  You will still receive your normal points and discounts in addition to supporting the APTA.

Sign-Up is easy:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in or create an online Kroger account
  3. Select “Enroll Now” to locate and link Anchorage APTA to your card

Get your family members to register as well!  Thanks in advance!