APTA Parent Academy October 29

Parent Academy invites speakers to discuss topics that are relevant to a child’s healthy development. PA also makes parents aware of other local programming, speakers, books, podcasts and topics of interest. The Parent Committee is always open to suggestions, as we want to address what is of utmost importance to our parents.

Our events this fall will focus on the daunting high school admissions process and the variety of options Louisville has to offer!

We will have consultant Leigh Moore speak on Tuesday, October 29 from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm. Leigh is a Founding member of the Consortium of Louisville Independent College Counselors/CLICC and has a blog called Rethinking Admissions. She will speak to the general audience about the high school admissions process, questions to ask while shadowing, and evaluation of potential school choices. The goal will be to leave her talk less anxious about the process than when you arrived!

We are in the process of scheduling a speaker in December to discuss the book The Spiritual Child. The themes of the book could be considered an enhancement to the Core Essentials’ Program.

We will focus on the “Growth Mindset” in the new year, with a few book club/podcast gatherings, and are hoping to have a teacher willing to give a brief talk on the Growth Mindset.