Don’t Forget To Order Your School Supplies!

APS teachers’ supply lists for the 2020-2021 school year are now available online! Support your APTA and save tons of time by ordering your school supplies at! Order for all of your students (Grades K-8), with just a few clicks. We are excited that middle school supplies are online this year too! You can shop for all of your students, customize your cart, and supplies will be boxed and delivered directly to your doorstep! Complete your online order by July 26th to ensure your supplies arrive before school starts.

Important Supply Reminders and Updates

•When using, be sure to select your student’s appropriate grade for next school year. •7th/8th Grade Calculators – All 7th and 8th grade students need a TI-84 Plus CE Calculator (NOT Nspire CAS). If you do not have one, this item must be purchased and is not included on the schooltoolbox website shopping list.
6th/7th/8th Grade Chromebooks – Options to purchase or rent Chromebooks will be emailed by the school over the summer.
Headphones – All students are required to have a set of plain (no decorations) “over ear” headphones (no earbuds or wireless) for use in the computer lab.  They are used throughout students’ school career at Anchorage School so generally one pair will last all nine years. Your child may also need a second pair of headphones for his or her classroom – if so, these will be included on the school supply list on
Rising 6th graders and new middle school students will need to purchase a padded case for their Chromebook computers.  APS has a recommended case that is available on Amazon and School Toolbox (you can add it to your order).  All families have the option to purchase another reasonably sized padded bag. The bag must be available for use before a Chromebook will be issued to the student.
• Amazon Link: click here 
• School Specialty Link: click here
Academic Planners – All students will be required to purchase an APS academic planner for the upcoming school year. Additional communication will be distributed as the school year approaches.
Wishlist Items – Any additional items requested by your teacher for the classroom will be included in your classroom assignment packet or communicated by the teacher.
Art Sketchbooks – Students will be reusing Sketchbooks for Art class this year. New APS students should plan to purchase a Derwent Academy Wirebound Sketchbook 11”x8 1/2”, 70ct (this is currently included in the Kindergarten supply list online).
Face Masks – Students will be asked to bring a clean mask (can be cloth) to school with them each day until the current health emergency has passed.  More information about next school year will be emailed by APS in early July; however, this information is being included now as families may want to begin purchasing comfortable masks for their children.
•Should you have any questions or issues with school supply ordering, please email Leslie McClure at