Travel Guidance for Staff and for Families with Students Enrolled in the In-School Learning Model

On July 20, 2020 the Kentucky Department for Public Health issued a travel advisory with the recommendation of a 14-day self-quarantine for travelers who went to any of the following states reporting a positive testing rate equal to or greater than 15 percent of COVID-19 testing.

StatePositive Testing Rates
South Carolina15.39%

Please be advised that the Anchorage Independent School District follows all Kentucky guidance related to travel advisories.  Also, please be aware that this list could change.  When there are changes to the guidance we will inform parents through our School News email.  As transmission hotspot areas emerge, families may encounter new state imposed restrictions that require a student to self-isolate for a designated number of days prior to returning to school. In those instances, learning plans and assignments would be delivered to the student via a combination of email and Google Classroom.  As positive testing rates decrease in current hotspot states, we will similarly be removing states from the list.

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