Student Wellness Check to be Completed Prior to Students Coming to School Campus

(Parents:  Please submit form found at link after reviewing requirements)

Per Team Kentucky Healthy at School Guidelines, when students come to the school campus it is best practice for parents to ensure that an adult caregiver conducts a Daily Wellness Check for each of their students prior to allowing students to come to school, thus we are asking our parents to attest that they will do so. 

Attached you will find a form that we are asking a parent/guardian from each household to review, sign and submit electronically at the following link: Student Daily Wellness Check Form.

By signing the form, you are attesting that any time your child comes to the school campus for any reason, whether for athletics, in-person schooling or a visit to pick-up course materials, you will conduct the wellness check as described and will keep your child home if the answer to any of the screening questions is yes.

Please note that from time to time, the Daily Wellness Check questions are updated by the state and the hotspot states are subject to change even daily.  The most current Daily Wellness Check questions will be posted on our website on a prominent Daily Wellness Check link that parents can bookmark to their smartphone and access easily. Our goal is to make this process as easy for parents as possible.  Each time the questions are revised in the Team Kentucky Healthy at Schools Guidance, or that the hotspot states change, we will update the questions on our website.  We will not notify parents via the School News each time the hotspot states are updated, since that occurs so frequently, however we will notify parents via the School News when the other questions change.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Nurse Killinder at misty.killinder@anchorage.  if you have questions.