APSAP Fall Sports Return to Competition

We are happy to share that our student athletes will now have the opportunity to compete under KHSAA’s Fall Sports Stage 3 Guidance for Return to Practice and Competition, which was recently released and approved by the APS School Board this week.

While we are pleased to be able to offer an opportunity for our students to join with peers in outdoor athletic activities and competition to combat the social isolation they may be feeling, the season will be very different for spectators.  In order to adhere to the requirements included in the guidance so that our students will have the opportunity to compete this season, Anchorage Independent School District has implemented the following sport contest changes:

  1. Only immediate members of a student athlete’s household may purchase tickets and attend an event in which they are actively participating. (We will inform our school community if we determine we can expand our attendance limits.)
  2. We are selling our All Season Sports Pass and individual sports contest tickets exclusively online via CheddarUp links that will be distributed to families of student athletes via TeamSnap.
  3. All spectators must attest that they will complete a wellness check on the day they will be attending an event, which includes submitting answers electronically relating to COVID-19 symptoms and travel-related questions listed at the following link: https://forms.gle/qUqQXRyGau4XjBxYA.
  4. Temperature checks of all spectators will occur at the time of their arrival.
  5. All spectators must wear a multi-layer face mask at all times, even when seated with their household and socially distanced from others.  The only exception will be for those with a medical exemption documented by a medical doctor on official letterhead from the office issuing the exemption. Those who refuse to wear a mask for any other reason will not be allowed entry or will be asked to leave the event.
  6. Restroom capacity is limited to one person at a time.
  7. Members of the same household must sit together in order to conserve seating areas for others.
  8. All spectators must remain at least 6’ from spectators outside their immediate household when seated and make every attempt to do so when moving.
  9. Spectators shall avoid congregating with others before, during and after contests.

We ask our school community to review the sport contest changes and to comply with these restrictions.  Coming together as a school community to adhere to the restrictions will allow the school to more easily implement the requirements for holding contests, keep one another safe, and provide our students the opportunity to enjoy a full season of participation.