Positive Test Results Need To Be Reported To School

Under new regulation, all parents and guardians are required to report to the child’s school if their child tests positive for COVID-19. If this happens, please call the school ASAP and ask to speak with Adrienn Carman, school secretary, or if she is unavailable, please speak with nurse Misty Killinder. Positive reports need to be made with a live person – please do not leave the message on a voicemail.  Should a positive test occur over a weekend or on a day that there is no school, please contact Superintendent Kelley Ransdell at 502-303-1415. At the conclusion of the phone call you will be sent an email receipt of your report as your verification that you have met the legal obligation of making the report.  Please know your name will remain confidential, but the school needs this information to report the positive case, as well as use for contact tracing to determine if other students will need to quarantine. When you call, you will be asked some questions to help APS advise the Louisville Metro Public Health and Wellness Department (LMPHW) to assist in contact-tracing efforts. Should a parent, sibling, or other member of the immediate household test positive, please report the absence of your child to the front office and wait for direction from the LMPHW for when your child can return to school.