School Council Parent Vacancies

The Anchorage School Council has three of the four parent terms expiring on December 31, 2020. One of these parent seats is to complete the 2-year term of a current council member, so that will be a one-year commitment for completing that term. The other two are full-term, 2-year seats to be filled. We do have an incumbent council member running for a second full term (Stephanie Roberson, middle school parent). So to summarize, the council will have an election for two full-term parent seats and one one-year parent seat.

According to policy the following will take place: 

  1. The Principal will notify Anchorage School parents of Council elections, explaining the function, duties and responsibilities of the Council and the schedule for becoming a candidate and for the election itself.  Parents will be able to submit a biography with names and grades of their children, the reason for running for a Council seat and why the parents should vote for them.
  2. Any parent who wants to be a candidate for the school Council must notify the Principal, electronically or in writing, of their intent to become a candidate, by October 31st.

Terms of Office: 

Parent and staff members on the Anchorage School Council will serve a maximum of two (2) consecutive two (2) year terms, with each service year beginning on January 1 and ending on December 31. After sitting out of council for a period of two (2) years, an individual again becomes eligible as a candidate for Council. 

Parents: Four (4) Parents (or legal guardians) When recruiting parents to fill vacant positions on the School Council, every attempt will be made to secure parent nominations that would ensure representation on the School Council in each of the following categories; a. One parent with a student(s) in a primary grade (K-3) b. One parent with a student(s) in an intermediate grade (4-5) c. One parent with a student(s) in middle school (6-8) d. One at-large parent member with a student enrolled at Anchorage School

Note:  We currently have parent representation in the 6-8 grade role and would like parent representation at the primary and intermediate grade levels, but all parents will be considered.

Council and Board Responsibilities:

The School Council serves in an advisory capacity to the School Board. As such, the Council reviews existing school procedures, Board policies and Council procedures. Gathers data to inform decision-making; and makes recommendations to the Administration and Board. The Principal, as Chair of the Council, shall report to the School Board the input and oral and written recommendations of the Council, for their consideration when developing, modifying, or approving Board policies.

Election process:

The election for the School Council parent terms will take place sometime after November 9.  Please email your nomination, explanation of running and biography to me by Thursday morning, November 5, 2020. Once the nomination window has closed, a ballot will be distributed to parents with information regarding the election process.  Below you can find a link to the full council plan and procedures.