Kentucky SB 128: Supplemental School Year Consideration

On March 24, 2021, Governor Beshear signed SB 128 into law. This bill, also referred to in the media as the “do-over” bill, allows K-12 students currently enrolled in public or non-public schools to request to use the 2021-2022 school year as a supplemental year, retaking coursework from the prior school year.  The full law is provided by clicking HERE.

As outlined in SB 128, Anchorage Independent School District will accept requests for a student’s supplemental year through May 1, 2021.  By June 1, the Anchorage Independent Board of Education will vote to accept or reject ALL requests as written in SB 128.  Whether or not a local Board decides by June 1, 2021, to approve the requests of all applying students to have 2021-2022 as a supplemental year, students still can be retained pursuant to longstanding promotion and retention guidance, in consultation with parents/guardians.  As our parents/guardians are aware, there are positives and negatives associated with students repeating a grade.  If you would like to discuss your child’s situation, please reach out to your child’s teacher or to Principal Andrew Terry at

If you wish for your child to be considered for a supplemental year, under SB 128, you must complete the online form found here.  Again, we must receive a written record of this request by May 1, 2021.