Learning and Enrichment at Anchorage Public School (LEAPS)

In order to capitalize on every opportunity to expand all of our students’ minds and move them toward being independent learners, which is at the heart of our mission/vision, we have multiple layers of interventions in place. Several support services address the needs of our student population and include Response to Intervention (RTI) and enrichment delivered through LEAPS (Learning Enrichment Anchorage Public School), our intervention/enrichment program at Anchorage. Student progress is monitored through all three tiers of RTI. Every student at Anchorage has a thirty-minute LEAPS class four times per week or a one-hour LEAPS class twice per week. We recognize the importance and necessary impact of this service as we collaboratively work to differentiate classrooms for both the struggling student as well as the gifted learner. We rely on the district’s universal screener, MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) assessment, given three times a year, classroom data and support from the Student Teacher Assistance Team to determine which students need intervention(s).

Response to Intervention (RTI) is a multi-tiered system of intervention for academics and behavior. It is the practice of providing high quality evidence and research based instruction and intervention matched to student need, monitoring progress frequently to make decisions about change in instruction or goals, and applying child response data to important educational decisions.

RTI is comprised of 3 Tiers of interventions.

Tier I – All students receive Tier I interventions through high quality instruction in the classroom

Tier II- Students who are identified through classroom data or the district universal screener as not meeting grade level benchmarks and for who Tier I interventions are not supportive enough will receive Tier II services.

Tier III- This level of intervention is for students who are not making adequate progress at Tier II.  Tier III interventions include instruction, specific to the student’s area(s) of need.

As a student moves to higher tiers of instruction the time and intensity of instruction increases.  Parents receive communication from the classroom teacher if their child moves to a more intensive Tier of intervention.

Progress Monitoring– Each student receiving interventions in Tier II or Tier III of instruction will be progress monitored weekly using the district’s progress monitoring tool, AimsWeb, to determine the effectivness of the intervention.

Student Teacher Assistance Team (STAT)

The STAT Team is comprised of school administrators and classroom teachers representing each grade level team.  The STAT team meets at least three times per year to review student data.  This team analyzes classroom and Response to Intervention data to find appropriate interventions to help students increase their rate of learning.

Click here to view a video about the LEAPS and RTI programs