Anchored in CrossFit

Anchored in CrossFit is a new non-profit program run through Mr. Walter’s PE program, that he obtained through a grant.

The student will continue to do all their usual fitness movements, however, the variety of the warm-ups will get spiced up through new programming techniques. But the great part is their traditional sports and lead-up activities will still be maintained. It’s the best of both worlds!

On Mr. Walters’ teacher page there will be links with the daily activities his classes are doing, as well as, daily workouts for adults that will be posted for the staff or community members to do if they are interested.

Also, there will be website links to the CrossFit main site and CrossFit Journal. Starting in January 2022, all staff will be offered voluntary, free one-on-one’s to build a wellness plan. The plans will feature fitness, nutrition, sleep, stress management, and hydration. If all plans come to fruition, then one-on-one’s could be offered to the community the next school year. 

Click here to see the Anchored in CrossFit webpage.