The Kentucky Education Reform Act of 1990 mandated the creation of school-based Councils to aid in the management of school districts. Most agree that those closest to the students make the best educational decisions, so it follows that a decision making process is needed at the school level. This is in addition to the process at the district level, not in place of it.

Since Anchorage is a one school district, many of the attributes of school-based decision making (SBDM) are already practiced here. Accordingly, the Kentucky legislature provided that one-school districts may exempt themselves from the legal requirements of SBDM and continue to make decisions as they have in the past. The Anchorage Board of Education has exempted the Anchorage Independent School District from the legal requirements of School Based Decision Making.

The Board has concluded that the concepts of a School Council can be used to improve our decision making process. Specifically, we would like to provide for regular, orderly and consistent staff input on school decisions. We believe our professional staff is willing and able to contribute very meaningfully to the management of the school.

Further, we believe parents should have a formal role in school management. We receive considerable input from parents in Board meetings, from the PTA, from committees and in other ways. A School Council allows input from staff, parents and teachers that is consistent and systemic in nature.

2021 Council Meeting Dates

Monday:        November 1, 2021          3:30 p.m.
Monday:        January 3, 2022               3:30 p.m.

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