Middle School Leadership

One of our goals at Anchorage Public School is to build upon our students’ leadership skills.  In the 2013-2014 school year we embarked on a three-part program titled the Anchorage Middle School Leadership Seminar Series.  This program brings in leaders from our community to speak with 6th through 8th grade students.  Speakers inform our students of their background and how they became the community leaders they are today.  Students collaborate in the weeks leading up to the program to decide upon a list of 10-15 questions that they will ask the guest speaker.  As the program has evolved, students have been asked to take on speaking parts in the program.  Their role in the program has grown to it now being a completely student emceed event, providing an opportunity for students to not only learn from community leaders, but to also grow their own leadership and speaking skills.

The inaugural session was held December 10, 2013 and featured state senator, Julie Rose Denton, and state representative, Ron Crimm.  Recent presentors include Rebecca Bishop of the Make a Wish Foundation, Broadway Across America Actress – Jessica Phillips (Dear Evan Hansen), Bellarmine Basketball Coach – Scotty Davenport, State Senator / Anchorage Grad – Morgan McGarvey, Dare to Care Director – Annette Ball, Family Scholar House participant as well as administrator of the program, Young Leaders – U of L Student Government President and Vice-president and Ballard High School Student Council President, and Anchorage Grad – Dr.  Alan Walker.

We look forward to continuing the Middle School Leadership Seminar Series for many years to come and would like to thank all the community and business leaders that have volunteered their time to make the program a success.  If you have questions regarding our program or would like to recommend a speaker for this program please contact the school webmater at anchorage.webmaster@anchorage.kyschools.us.