Summer Reading Logs and Assignments

Anchorage School Summer Reading Program 2019

 We are pleased to offer an Anchorage School Summer Reading Program once again.  This year, we would like to focus on three specific areas:

  • reading all summer long
  • helping out others each day
  • investigating the Louisville Free Public Library collection and their Summer Reading Program

With this in mind, Anchorage School’s Summer Reading Program is offered to our 2019-2020 Anchorage students.  Summer Reading logs should be turned in to their teachers on the first day of school in August. Here are the details:

  1. The reading logs must be completed during the summer then returned to their homeroom teachers on the first day of school in August.
  2. Students are encouraged to use any of the Louisville Free Public Library branches for reading material and also to participate in its summer reading program.  There are also a number of reward programs offered by local bookstores that are fun and do not require book purchases.
  3. Please visit American Library Association (ALA) and search “children’s book lists” to discover a multitude of diverse book suggestions which should keep all our students excited about reading.
  4. Encourage your children to read non-fiction, informational titles too. Magazines often offer great informational reading selection.
  5. Get creative and guide your children into writing their own book from the activities that they participate in during their summer vacation days.
  6. Most of all have fun exploring a variety of literary opportunities as a family this summer!


K Reading Log

1st Grade Reading Assignment

2nd Grade Reading Assignment

3rd Grade Reading Assignment

4th Grade Reading Assignment

5th Grade Reading Assignment

6th Grade Reading and Questions

7th and 8th Grades: