Homework Clinic

Homework Clinic will begin August 28th.

Solar Eclipse Information

On Monday, August 21st, in Anchorage the solar eclipse will begin at 12:59 p.m. and end at 3:51 p.m.  It is DANGEROUS for anyone to look at the sun anytime, and during the eclipse this is particuallry dangerous from 12:59 p.m. until 3:51 p.m. without authentic certified solar eye protection.  The sun appears approximately 400,000 times brighter than a full moon and any amount of exposure can cause short and long-term eye damage.  Sun glasses, or even layers of sun glasses, will not protect eyes from damage.


Student Absences:

  • If your family is traveling to a viewing area for this event, be sure that you have submitted an EHO form which can be found at the following link: https://anchorageschool.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/request-for-educational-enhancement-opportunityrev4-12.pdf.  You are welcome to drop it by the school or to scan and email the form to Adrienn at carman@anchorage.kyschools.us. All children absent on the day of the eclipse will be excused.
  • If you have completed an EHO for your child, the school will be sending home American Paper Optics solar eclipse glasses with them at the end of the day on Friday, August 18thIt is important to not use the glasses if the lens has been damaged or creased in any way.  They will be in a protective envelope.  Please be sure to retrieve these glasses from your child when you pick them up on Friday and keep them properly stored before using on Monday.  Be sure to always inspect the glasses for any creasing or damage to the lens before using. If they are damaged in any way do not use them. If you applied for an EHO for your child for Monday but plans change and they come to school, please return the glasses to their teacher if they will be going outside to view the eclipse in order that they have a pair for them on Monday.  We just want to be sure that all of our students enjoy a safe viewing of the eclipse on Monday!


School Activities:

  • On Monday, weather permitting, only students with parent permission will have the opportunity to go outside in grade level groups to view the eclipse.    The total time spent outdoors will differ by grade level.
  • The school has purchased cardboard solar eclipse glasses with IS0 12312-2 imprinted on them.  The cardboard glasses are manufactured by American Paper Optics, LLC, 2995 Appling Rd., Ste. 106, Bartlett, TN.  American Paper Optics is included on the list of eclipse glass manufacturers being recommended by NASA.
  • To help safely secure the glasses elastic bands will be installed for all students.   If you have purchased specific glasses that you would like your child to wear when viewing the eclipse, please provide them to your child’s homeroom teacher prior to the event, however they must be ISO 12312-2 glasses.  Please keep in mind, if you are providing your own glasses for your child that there are reports of counterfeit glasses flooding the market.  The following is a link to information:  https://eclipse.aas.org/resources/solar-filters.
  • Solar eclipse glasses cannot be worn by students when traveling to and from a viewing area.  They are simply too dark.  It is important that students do not glance up at the eclipse without their glasses.   For that reason we will be teaching safety, but need parents to stress the importance of not looking at the eclipse without glasses as well.
  • Unless your child’s teacher has advised otherwise, we recommend that students  wear Anchorage t-shirts on Monday as it will be much easier for staff and volunteers to keep their students together if they can be easily identified by grade level t-shirt color.
  • Parents that have submitted the permission form indicating they would like to volunteer on Monday to join their child’s class to view the eclipse, and to assist school staff with ensuring that all students keep their eclipse glasses firmly attached, will be contacted by their child’s teacher with details.  Please watch your email for news from your child’s teacher.  Each homeroom teacher will have at least 2 extra pair of eclipse glasses for parent volunteers, possibly more.  They will advise you if you need to bring your own glasses.  We recommend that volunteers bring umbrellas with them on Monday.  We will use the umbrellas in some instances to escort younger students to their viewing area.
  • Any students not strictly following teacher and volunteer directions on Monday during the outdoor viewing will be immediately taken indoors.  Please stress with your child that they should be on their best behavior during the eclipse.  Our students are the best in the state, so we know with parent help they will follow our direction carefully.
  • Plans are in place for students without parent permission to view the eclipse via a live feed on the large screen in our auditorium or on a classroom SmartBoard.  We are hoping that the websites broadcasting the eclipse live are not overloaded on Monday creating technical difficulties with receiving the feed.  We have several different links in the event that some are not accessible.  We want all students in attendance to have a memorable, educational and safe experience on Monday.



  • The eclipse will not be over until 3:51 p.m., after our school dismissal.  We will be utilizing a rain dismissal, which means students will remain inside and will be released a few at a time only after their parent arrives.  We will be reminding students to look down and will be sending their glasses home with them.  Remember however, students cannot wear them when walking.  If you have a small child you may want to park outside the carpool line and walk to the school to escort your child to the car to ensure they do not look at the sun.  Umbrellas certainly may help our younger children resist the temptation, so you may want to bring your umbrella with you on Monday.
  • For parents whose children typically walk or bike home after school, or are worried that their child may look at the eclipse on the drive home, we are offering afterschool care in the auditorium until 4:00 p.m.  We will be showing a G-rated movie or G-rated child appropriate videos. The official end of the eclipse window is 3:51 p.m.  You must complete the form at the following link if your child will be staying after school:   https://goo.gl/forms/Hk8UL0lS0zwJsxTT2 .
  • We strongly advise that parents arrange for their child to be taken home by an adult on Monday or that they stay for the movie. It may be tempting for children to look at the eclipse if they are walking or biking home from school without adult supervision.  Children may feel invincible and not fully understand the danger of looking at the eclipse.  Students will be allowed to take their eclipse glasses provided by the school home with them, however students cannot see with them on to walk or bike home safely.


After-School Activities:

  • Any indoor after-school activities on Monday will continue without interruption.
  • No outdoor after-school activities are scheduled prior to 3:51 p.m.  Our A soccer team is playing at 4:30 p.m. at KCD, so parents are advised to exercise caution traveling to the game, reminding students to wear their glasses until the eclipse passes or to not look at the eclipse.


Student safety is our top priority.  We want all of our students and families to have a safe experience during the Great Eclipse.  If you have questions regarding safety or plans please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Terry, Mrs. Hayes or Mrs. Ransdell.










Buzz Book Pickup

If you did not pick up your pre-ordered Buzz Book at orientation, then please stop by the front office this week to do so. If you did not pre-order one, and would like to purchase one, the front office has a few extra for $7 each.

Acting Anchors and ACT News

Acting Anchors will hold a mandatory parent’s meeting for the parents of all children participating in the 2017-2018 season. The meeting will take place in the school cafeteria on Tuesday, August 22nd.

Acting Anchors Junior (1-2 grades) will meet at 6 pm

Acting Anchors (3-5 grades) will meet at 6:45 pm

ACT (6-8 grades) will meet at 7:15 pm 

After – School Enrichment

Looking for after school enrichment opportunities? Check out our offerings by clicking here.


Anchorage Chess

2017-18 Season Anchorage Chess Club is open to all K-8 students.

Prior chess experience is not required to participate.

Sponsors: Wendell Harris & Hannah Barnes
Coaches: Emir Sefo (www.ksccchess.com); Daniel Brennan
& Ryan Velez (www.chessperformance.com)
Email: anchorschess@gmail.com
Teamsnap: http://www.anchoragechessclub.teamsnap.com


Click here for more information

Calypso Cove Summer Reading Splash Bash

Northeast YMCA

Saturday, August 19th

7 p.m. til 9 p.m.

All K-5th grade Anchorage School students and their families are encouraged to celebrate their Summer Reading successes!

(Students must be accompanied with an adult)

International Spy Camp

International Spy Camp is a themed program which utilizes the intrigue and excitement of the spy craft to introduce agents-in-training to knowledge and skill sets required to travel and work around the world. Each meeting is a TOP SECRET briefing and skills training which will include:

  • Geography of a chosen continent
  • Navigation
  • Survival languages of a chosen continent
  • Traditions of a chosen continent
  • Code-breaking through listening comprehension and translation tools
  • Virtual travel to famous sites

…and more!

Each agent-in-training will receive a confidential training dossier, green screen photo and an ISC t-shirt!


Schedule – MONDAYS

International Spy Camp – Asia (Sept 11-Oct 23) – Enrollment opens Aug 10

International Spy Camp – Europe (Nov 6-Dec 11) – Enrollment opens Oct 1

Spring International Spy Camp – TBA



Registration will be available online at



Or send payment to 6531 P.O. Box, Louiville, KY 40206

Make checks payable to Los Monitos Language Company


Grade Range 3-5

Cost: $95 (Get 10% off w/ promo code EARLYREGISC until Aug 31)

Bricks for Kidz

K- 5 Tennis

Elementary Soccer


Elementary After – School Program (EASP) is an educational soccer program that creates a fun and safe environment to teach children the game of soccer in their own school backyard and culminates in a JCPS school tournament.

The program is comprised of 8 practice session and 1 tournament session.


Duration: 8 Weeks

Practice day: Friday from 2:00-3:00pm

Practice calendar: 9/8,9/15,9/22,9/29,10/6,10/13,10/20, 10/27

Make-Up Dates: 11/3,11/10

Ages: K- 2nd

Group Size: 8-12

Cost: $125 (plus taxes)



Day: Saturday, October 14th 9:00 am-1:00 pm.  

Cost: $25 (plus taxes) includes Medal and school t-shirt.

Who can participate:  All players enrolled in the Fall Session 2017.

Coaches: KSA coaches and parent volounteers.

Location: “THE BARN” , 450 Commercial Drive, 40223, Louisville KY.




Go to www.kickssocceracademy.com/program/elementaryafterschool.

Click the link “Anchorage – Click here to Register” and you will be prompted to the registration page. If you experienced technical problems, write gionatan@kickssocceracademy.com and or call (502) 759 11 85

Tue./Thu. from 9:00 to 10.00am.

IMPORTANT: Registration will close 48 hours prior to the program beginnig date.


Whet Your Palette

Middle School Soccer Tryouts

Anchorage Middle School soccer tryouts will be August 15th and 17th on the Anchorage Field at from 3:15 to 4:30.

Back To School Picnic Friday, August 18


FRIDAY, AUGUST 18, 6:00 – 8:00 on the front lawn of school

Games, prizes, food and fun!

Going back to school calls for celebration! The Back to School Picnic is coming soon, and there is plenty to get excited about:

  • Classic carnival games – play well and win amazing prizes
  • DJ, balloon animals, face-paint, and a photo booth
  • New this year! A giant water-slide – don’t forget your swimsuit
  • 50/50 cash raffle – enter to win up to $1000
  • Delicious meals from Chick-Fil-A and other tasty treats

All proceeds help pay for the Class of 2018’s trip to SeaCamp

New this year, the APTA will be holding a 50/50 CASH RAFFLE. Win up to $1000.00 ~ Only 100 tickets will be sold.

Click here to download the Back To School dinner and ticket reservation form

Click here to download the 50/50 Raffle form

City Saver Coupon Books

If you did not purchase a City Saver Coupon Book at orientation, and would like to do so, the books will be available for purchase from the front office and at the Back To School Picnic tomorrow night! These books are $25 and contain discount coupons to many of our favorite eating and entertainment spots! The 8th graders are selling these books to help with their 8th grade fundraising. Please make checks payable to Anchorage School – of course cash is accepted also! The class of 2018 thanks you for the support.