Not Sure When or Where…We’ve Got it Covered!

You can access our school calendar by clicking on the “Calendar” link found on our main webpage at  When you access the calendar you will notice that in the upper right corner there are options to switch the view between “week”, “month” and “agenda.”  Be sure to try out the “agenda” view as it is the most popular and offers a less cluttered overview of upcoming events and student activities.

The school calendar can also be added to many mobile devices and personal computers as well.  If you would like to load school events onto your device, click the following link and follow any prompts:  Some devices make the addition without any prompts, but may require a restart of the device.  Once the calendar is added to your phone, calendar events that are added to the school website ( will automatically sync to your device. The first sync may take a few minutes.  We have noticed that occasionally mobile devices fail to detect updates to the calendar.  An occasional reboot of the device is generally the easiest way to resolve this issue.  We do want to alert users that loading the school calendar onto your phone will load multiple daily school events into your calendar.

We recommend if you use the mobile device calendar feature to set the school calendar to a different color on your device than your work or personal calendar in order that your personal appointments do not get overlooked.  Also, please note that your mobile device offers a feature which allows you to turn the school calendar off and on once it is loaded, which allows you to choose when you would like to view events.

If you have any questions or need assistance with accessing our school website or calendar information please contact Karen Steltenpohl at for assistance.

Anchorage Public School App

Did you know that Anchorage Public School has a free app which can be downloaded to your mobile device? The app was created by Anchorage alumni, and provides a tool for students, families, and teachers to easily access Infinite Campus as well as the school’s website, lunch menu, email, calendar of events and sports schedules.

To download the app via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, go to the store for your device and search for “Anchorage Public School.”  We hope that you enjoy the additional means for accessing Anchorage Public School information and news!

Infinite Campus Portal

Infinite Campus has an awesome parent portal which allows parents to view their children’s attendance records, as well as their grades (for those grades using IC for grading).

If you have not yet set up your IC portal and need help doing so, please contact Karen Steltenpohl at She will send you the information you need to set up your portal account.

There also is an app for the portal. Go to the App Store on their iPhone or iPad to download it – it is called
Infinite Campus Mobile Portal.  Type in “campus portal” in the search box and it should be the first app to pop up. If it requires a District number, Anchorage Independent is WWNCQC.

School Calendar On Your Devices

The school calendar can be added to many mobile devices and personal computers. To add the calendar click the following link and follow any prompts. Some devices make the addition without any prompts, but may require a restart of the device. The best way to know if your device in compatible is to try the link on the device and see what happens.

Calendar events that are added to the school website ( will then automatically sync to your device.

Tip: If you haven’t restarted your device lately, take a moment to reboot. Phones sometimes fail to detect updates to the calendar, and this is the easiest way to resolve this issue, keeping you up-to-date with events at Anchorage School.



All Kindergarten and First Grade students will be dismissed at the front driveway/ carpool area at 3:00. We know both parents and children will be anxious to see each other! But to make this time of day safe for all we are asking your compliance for the following dismissal procedures:

*Please place your name placard on your dashboard and make it visible as your car approaches the flagpole area. While we K/1 teachers may come to recognize you and your car, there are MANY other adults that assist with carpool.

*All children will remain with their teacher and class on the sidewalk until escorted to their car or adult picking them up. Children will not be allowed to walk (or run) to you or your car once they see you.

*Carpool runs most efficiently when you pull all the way up to the car in front of you- even though you might be tempted to stop along driveway where your child is. We can load about 5 cars when everyone follows this procedure, safe and efficient!

*Whenever possible, please plan to load your child on the passenger side. This prevents adults and children from walking BETWEEN cars. THANK YOU!

*When the weather allows, we encourage parking and walking to pick up your child. Remember to set a good example by USING the SIDEWALK. Do NOT walk between cars.

Carpool is a NO CELL PHONE ZONE!

Remember to use Walnut as your pick-up route. You should not turn left from Ridge RD to enter the pick-up line. Right only!

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. Here’s to a year of safe and efficient dismissals!

Our top priority is SAFETY!

Pabby Hayes

Homework Clinic Policies and Procedures – Reminder

The purpose of homework clinic is to provide students with an opportunity to complete their homework with teachers present to help as needed. In order to maintain a safe and effective learning environment, the following guidelines have been created.

  • Snacks are to be eaten before students enter the Library Media Center hallway.
  • Food, drinks, and electronic devices are not allowed.
  • Computers may be used only for academic purposes.
  • Students must be accompanied by an adult to recover forgotten homework.


  • Please place backpacks in hallway against the window wall.
  • Retrieve homework and supplies from backpacks, and double check that you did not leave anything in your classroom or locker.
  • Sign in at the Circulation Desk when you arrive at Homework Clinic.


  • All students must stay at Homework Clinic until 4:00.
  • A parent or parent representative must come into  the Library Media Center (Homework Clinic) for a student to leave before 4:00.
  • All students must exit via the school’s front doors.

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