Anchorage Public School offers a full range of athletic opportunities for students during all three seasons of the school year.


Girls 7th/8th Grade Team

Coach: Charlie Bryant

Girls 6th/7th Grade Team

Coach: Charlie Bryant

Boys 8th Grade Team

Coach: Keith Delaney

Boys 7th Grade Team

Coach: Jay Jones

Boys 6th Grade Team

Coach: Paul Jackson

Cross Country

Coach: Patrick Ryan, Assistant Coaches: Aaron Kelter, Stephanie Robertson

Field Hockey

Buckeye Division

Coach: Sarah Berakovich, Sophia Cristofoli

Chestnut Division

Coach: Sara Wiles, Courtney Van Nevel

Intramural Sports


7th/8th Grade Team

Coach: Rick Haufe

6th/7th Grade Team



Sponsor: Glenetta Roberts


CoachMeghan Gill

Asst. Coach: Andrea Donan


Fall Season

Middle School Coed Soccer Teams, $110.00
Middle School Girls Field Hockey Teams, $110.00
K – 8th Grade Cross Country, $95.00

Winter Season

Middle School Girls Basketball teams, $110.00
Middle School Boys Basketball teams, $110.00
4th-8th Coed Cheerleaders, $110.00
4th-5th Grade Coed Basketball Intramurals, $75.00

Spring Season

Middle School Girls Track and Field team, $75.00
Middle School Boys Track and Field team, $75.00
2nd-3rd Grade Coed Soccer Intramurals, $65.00

Coaches Meetings

The coach in each sport will have a parent/player meeting before the sport begins. The purpose of this meeting is to communicate information to parents and players as to their expectations and goals for the season. This is an excellent time for any question or concerns to be presented.

Pep Club

By joining the Pep Club during basketball season every member of your immediate family can attend home games free at the door. To download a pep club registration form, click here.

Fee: $25.00 (one student in Anchorage Public School)
Fee: $35.00 (two students in anchorage Public School)
Fee: $45.00 (three or more students in Anchorage Public School)

You do the math. There will be at least 29 home games this season!

Basketball Ticket Prices

Admission: $3.00
Children under 5 years old: Free
Pep Club members: Free

Gym Wall Plaques

If you’ve been in our South gym, the larger one, you’ve noticed how popular the wall plaques are. These plaques record a family’s last name and the graduating year of all children who attend, or have attended, Anchorage School. This is a great way to contribute to our athletic budget and to show your family’s support of the school. They are sold with the spirit items. Cost: $300