Vision Statement

The Anchorage School Learning Community

Launching Life Long Learning Through…Inspiration – Exploration – Connection


Our Beliefs

The Anchorage Independent School District believes that an exemplary school:

  • promotes high academic standards
  • provides relevant, in-depth and integrated learning
  • develops a well-rounded curriculum and student
  • uses technology as a tool for learning
  • offers a physically and emotionally safe environment
  • encourages creativity
  • develops a partnership of students, staff, parents, and community


Our Mission

The Anchorage School mission is to educate students to become strong problem solvers, critical thinkers, excellent communicators, and community contributors.


Core Values

These core values of our community of parents, teachers and families in Anchorage were achieved through focus groups with parents, faculty and community members as well as a survey to the entire community.

At Anchorage School we:

  • Help those in need
  • Make everyone feel welcome
  • Take pride in our school
  • Include and acknowledge everyone
  • Have no put-downs (verbal or non-verbal)
  • Use Life Skills to solve problems
  • Respect each other
  • Take personal responsibility
  • Be the BEST we can be!